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Gunning Bedford, Jr.

Constutional Convention

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Welcome to the colonial home of Gunning Bedford, Jr., one of the Delaware signers of the U.S. Constitution.

… where history comes to life. Feel free to take a virtual tour of the museum on this website, then come experience Wilmington's most obscure colonial museum for yourself.

Our exhibits bring together a variety of colonial furnishings and Masonic memoribilia on loan from Delaware and surrounding Masonic jurisdictions. Since the founding of Lombardy Hall Founation, this broad cross-section of the museum has captured the imagination of visitors young and old.

We look forward to welcoming you during your visit!

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Lombardy Hall
Lombardy Hall

Lombardy Hall Foundation offers an ever-changing lineup of exhibits. It's worth coming back as there is always something for everyone to enjoy. Our website is a great opportunity to learn more about Lombardy Hall Founation. You can read about its history, get to know the team or stay up-to-date on related news and events.

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